2013 Princess Rosé

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Princess Rosé was made for celebrating!

Whether you are celebrating the end of term, getting a new job, or finally having time to get together with your friends, Princess Rosé is the wine for you.

Princess Rosé is a medium-bodied, slightly sweet drinking wine that goes great with food that is meant for sharing. As opposed to other colours of wine, the depth and tannic structure of a rosé pairs best with the season’s dishes.

Long-gone are the days when rosé was considered a safe choice, when not knowing what to serve. Today’s vintners are cultivating grapes specifically for making rosé wines. Lots of people are making rosé their first choice when planning the beverages for a party or to have on-hand.

Princess Rosé is crisp and refreshing. Expertly blended, this wine will enhance the flavour of your preferred cuisine. She pairs well with your favourite meals and appetizers. You might say that Princess Rosé is the most versatile wine around.

Premier Parings

BBQ – Rosé is refreshing and always seasonally appropriate. Princess Rosé is sophisticated enough to satisfy the expert wine drinker and refreshing enough for the casual drinker.

Mediterranean cuisine – Rosé was originally created as a way to enjoy traditional wine grapes during the warmer months. Princess Rosé is a classic pairing for Mediterranean food.

Mexican fare – This cuisine can be too spicy for red and too overpowering for white. The flavours of Princess Rosé perfectly complement the roasted flavours of Mexico.

Comfort food – If you have never thought to serve wine with your favourite pizza or macaroni and cheese, Princess Rosé will make you a convert!

Beverage Hacks

Princess Rosé is ideal for mixing. Her fruity and mineral notes play well with all kinds of fruit flavours and sparkling sodas. The pink colour looks very inviting in your favourite glass, too.

One-of-a-Kind Experience

You enjoy everything new and different and Princess Rosé certainly fits the bill. The fruit and spice essences of Princess Rosé are best enjoyed chilled. Princess Rosé wine is meant to be consumed right away. It makes sense to enjoy the current vintage liberally, as this year’s supply is limited. (You can start all over again next year.)

11.9 % alc. / vol.
750 ml per bottle

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Winemaker’s Tasting Notes, Oct 2014

Strawberry colour fading to a water-white rim. Strong notes of Peppers, raspberries, star fruit, and anise.
Black cherries dance on the palette with a crisp acidity blending with spice and a touch of sweetness on the finish that lasts and lasts.
Enjoy on it’s own or with summer dishes.

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