2013 Queen Riesling

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Summer is here and it’s time to discover the revitalizing flavour harmony of Queen Riesling. Outdoor gatherings are perfect for enjoying the conviviality of family and friends and practically call out for a refreshing, yet traditional wine like Queen Riesling.

Queen Riesling is an off dry white wine that is quite versatile. It is a popular drinking wine, a prized ingredient in cooking, plus it can be paired with traditional meals like fish, chicken or pork. The fruity and mineral notes pair surprisingly well with vegetable and egg dishes and enhance Asian-inspired flavours too.

Known as the thinking woman’s wine, Riesling provides a visceral pleasure. Its flavours arrive in subtle layers, evolving right in the glass. While a white wine should always be served chilled (between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius), Queen Riesling’s mineral notes are experienced quickly, followed closely by its refreshing essence of lemon.
Note to wine lovers: If you choose to store Queen Riesling to enjoy later in the year, she will reward you with a full bouquet, featuring the flavour of baked apples.


All good cooks know that the best wine to use in cooking is the one that they would drink! Queen Riesling is the perfect choice as an ingredient in your favourite risotto. Also appropriate, is the use of Queen Riesling as a key ingredient in sauces and gravies. In fact, any time your recipe calls for white wine, this is an excellent choice.


Chicken, eggs, cheese, seafood and pork – White wine is the natural choice to pair with these lighter tastes. Queen Riesling will enhance the flavour of your favourite summer meals.
Fusion cuisine – Queen Riesling is a spectacular pairing for region-specific tastes. From Asian to Indian and everything in between, your meals will be highly complemented by this pairing.
Sauces, gravies and dressings – White wine is a popular choice to add character to these food complements. Queen Riesling’s fruitier notes stand up to many cuisines and add just the right tang to your condiments.


Wine for dessert? Queen Riesling says “Yes!” Queen Riesling is not a dessert wine, yet she pairs well with dessert and artfully combined, can even become your dessert. This year’s summer treat is a white wine ice cream float. Combined with vanilla bean, fresh apricots, sugar, lemon juice and ice cream, Queen Riesling is transformed into a delicious treat for you and your guests.


Even as a modern wine enthusiast, you still enjoy the comforts of traditional family values. Queen Riesling represents where it is grown as Riesling, more than other types of wine, is terroir-specific. The fruit and mineral essences of Queen Riesling can be enjoyed either young or aged. Make sure to purchase liberally to always have this favourite wine on hand.

12.0 % alc. / vol.
750 ml per bottle

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Easy to drink with complexity, Lemony and mineral notes. When aged will shows lots of baked apples with a full bouquet, is slim in profile when younger, accentuates gently over time.

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